Litter AURORA 2016

On the 24th of June lives Australian Shepherd Kennel Labanoris got to greet its first litter – Aurora. Maja gave birth to 11 wonderful Aussies!  Our puppies: 3 blue merle girls, 3 blue merle boys, 1 red merle girl, 1 red merle boy and 3 red boys.

Parents Maja and Miro are CEA, PRA and HSF4 clear by DNA. HD A, ED 0.

Our Australian Shepherd Puppies:

Aurora Turquoise – Loke – lives in Norway

The first in our litter and thus called The First. Blue merle male. Pirate Turkis has black marking around his left eye and much lighter shades around the other one. He was born 400 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is a curious and active boy. Loves to be in human company and will be a great family member in his new home. Loke has unique merle eyes and likes to stare at us :)

Health – excellent.


Aurora Lava – lives in Lithuania

Our first girl and strong as lava. Red merle beauty, still of very light shades. Extremely cute and lovely. She didn‘t even need a temporary name as she is the only one such. At the queue for food she dares to fight her brothers as equal. She was born 410 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is the Water princess. Always sleeps by the side of the water bowl and moves around it like a clock :) Enjoys fishing with her paws and spilling the water all over the place. Lava is sweet and very girlish with people and strong and ruling with her siblings.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Indigo – Indis – lives in Estonia

A blue merle boy with a black rear end (and therefore called The BlackBut). In addition he has a nice Indian mark on his head, though the meaning of it has not yet been revealed. And that‘s why Indis stands not just for Indigo, but also for Indian.  He was born 400 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is a lovely and company seeking boy. One of the two boys that sleep like their father – when we are sitting together with the pups, he lays down along our legs and puts his head on them (like on a pillow). Loves biting water if it is poured from high above.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Capri – lives in Norway

Totally adorable blue merle girl. Her tail, looking from above is black and, looking from under it is white. Therefore, she was called The Tail. She dances and jumps while eating. She was born 385 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is a naughty and active yet very sweet girl. Likes playing and exploring, especially when outside. Enjoys sleeping besides and cuddling with us.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Maroon – Runis – lives in Lithuania within our family

Our first red boy wearing two white socks of different length. Of course, Pepe‘s name did not suit him. That‘s why he was simply called Aussie – The Different Socks. Of course, he could have been called The Sleeping Beauty, but.. that does not sound very suitable.. The king of sleep. And it is unknown when he eats, but, apparently, he manages to get really full. He was born 390 g.

At the age of 6 weeks our Runis is curious and active.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Mist – Misti – lives in Latvia

Our second blue merle girl. Very bright, very light and super adorable. She is so tiny, light and soft, that she couldn‘t be called anything else but Mist. Even though, in the beginning she had a name of her very very distant brothers – Dalmatian. She was born 345 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is still the smallest in the gang. Nevertheless plays like equal with her siblings and fights for the food like a wolf. Very lovely tiny girl. Has a nice curly tail and unique eyes.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Rufous – Rufus – lives in Lithuania

The second of our red boys. But this one, contrary to Rufus, wears white socks of the same length. Therefor he was called Aussie – The Long Socks. He is a true friend and sleep-mate to Runis. He was born 365 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is our MR Sporty. All fit and musculous. Ready to become the best frisbee team-mate for his new pals. Enjoys cuddling with us and sleeping by the side.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Cadet – Kadis – lives in Lithuania

Our third blue merle boy. His right rear leg is black and therefore gave him a codename of The BlackLeg. Every time he eats it seems it has been ages since the last time. He was born 355 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is one of the biggest in the crowd. Eating time is sacred, but apparently very tiring – he lays down, puts his head into the bowl and stays there until the last piece of food. Already has his biker goggles that he will need in his future trips with his folks.

Health – excellent.


Aurora Auburn – Bernis – lives in Estonia

The third red boy and the most active in the red squad. It counts for eating as well as for the spare time. He has a nice white star-like spot on his head and therefore was called Star. He was born 400 g.

At the age of 6 weeks our Bernis the Bear is one of the biggest in the gang. Playful and active. 

Health – excellent.


Aurora Brass – Braso – lives in Norway with his dad Miro/AVAILABLE for the right show/performance home

The one and only red merle boy with part of fur divided by lines into different shades of reds.  Apparently he already understands his uniqueness and acts very individualistic – sleeps alone and eats alone. But even as he eats alone, it seems like he eats for at least five! This gave him a codename of The Hamster. He was born 400 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is still the one and only. The observer type of guy – not too active, but not a sleepy one either. Sits calmly and looks straight in your eyes. Seeks for human company. One of the two boys that sleep like their father – when we are sitting together with the pups, he lays down along our legs and puts his head on them (like on a pillow).

Health – excellent.


Aurora Bondi – lives in Norway

Our last puppy in the litter – a sweet blue merle girl. Her tail, all black, has a white line. This gave her a codename of The Ring. Together with her sis Capri, Bondi dances and sings happily while eating. She looks for company (friends and pillows) whenever resting. She was born 355 g.

At the age of 6 weeks is probably the calmest in the gang. So nice and sweet is her look and herself. She will be lucky to spend every single minute of her life with her new best friend.

Health – excellent.