Australian Shepherd boy Miro

Australian Shepherd boy Miro – Elements of Nature Air Force One – was born on the 6th of August 2013 in Germany.  Breeder – Julia Trusheim. Dam – Happy Vom Pinzgauer Hof, Sire – Wildsong‘s Empty Boots ‘n Spurs.


Australian Shepherd MiroMiro is a blue merle Aussie with red factor and unique eyes – asymmetrical crystal clear spots are surrounded by dark brown color. He has a long tail. As an adult he weights 24 kg and is 55 cm high at witters.


DNA tests:

PRA, CEA, HSF4: clear (N/N)

MDR clear (N/N) by parentage


Health examinations conducted in 2016:


ED: 0

Eyes: Free


Miro is a loyal and emphatic Aussie. If you think that repeatable yawning occurs only among humans – think twice! He also feels and responds much to other emotions and activities like joy, fear or laughter.

Australian Shepherd Miro

Miro is an expressive and active Australian Shepherd boy. He likes both, running free in Norwegian mountains and fields, playing alone and with other dogs. In the summertime his favorite gig is running besides bicycle. It is one of those rare moments when he forgets his passion for exploration and simply dives into the speed.


Miro’s overall number one thing to do is learning and practicing tricks. Weather it is a simple hide and seek, a bang-bang play dead or a whole combination of actions – he simply adores doing them.