Australian Shepherd girl Maja

Australian shepherd MajaAustralian Shepherd girl Maja – Vėjavaikis Astra – was born on the 11th of September 2013 in Lithuania. Breeder – Monika Krivelienė. Dam – Džeinė Kalnarūtė, Sire – Triplemoon Absolute Storm.


Maja is a red tricolor Aussie girl and has beautiful light brown eyes. As an adult she weights 22 kg and is 51 cm height at witters. Maja has a long tail.


DNA tests:

PRA, CEA, HSF4: clear (N/N)

MDR1: +/-


Health examinations conducted in 2016:


ED: 0

Eyes: Free


Australian Shepherd MajaMaja is a friendly, active and rather feminine Aussie. She learns fast and does not have any bad habits. She is a trustworthy pal, who can stay all day at home without any surprises. Of course, she would rather spend time outside, were she enjoys running wild with other dogs. But the hit number 1 for our Aussie girl is definitely playing frisbie. Maja can spend ours on that without showing any tiredness.


While on the countryside Maja gets a mild guardian role – she would let us know as soon as she hears something strange. That is something we appreciate a lot as it is not a habituated area.



Maja is a true companion with extremely loyal soul.